You need to submit the following document before you initiate a withdrawal application:
(1) Proof of identity: Including your personal information and a photo copy of the front of your ID card on the " ID. Certification " page.
(2) Proof of bank account: Fill in the bank information on the " Add a Bank Card " page, and upload a photo copy of the front of your bank card.
After you complete the application for withdrawal, the remittance will usually be completed within 2 hours during 09:00-18:00 (UTC+8) on weekdays, but the actual arrival time still depends on the withdrawal bank.
The actual withdrawal currency depends on the country of your withdrawal bank card. VND for Vietnam; THB for Thailand; IDR for Indonesia; KHR for Cambodia; USD for other countries. After you successfully apply for withdrawal, the funds will be credited to your bank account within 1-2 working days.
You may pay directly in US dollars or in various currencies such as VND (Vietnamese Dong), THB (Thai Baht), IDR (Rupiah), KHR (Riel), etc. Payment in non-US dollar currencies will be automatically exchanged by the third party payment providers or banks. In addition, you can also use digital currency (USDT or BTC,etc.) to deposit.
The trading platform uses “ USD " as the trading currency, and although the company supports deposits in various currencies, transactions will still be made in USD.
Account: The trading account created on our platform.
Balance: The total account amount that does not include the profit and loss of the current order (the total account amount before the order is created).
Equity: The total amount of the account that contains the profit and loss of opening positions (the balance and the P/L of orders).
Margin: The sum of the margins of all opening positions.
Free Margin: Funds that can be used to create new orders.
Margin Level: The ratio between Equity and Used Margin.
If you forget your password, you can click “ Forgot Password ” on the login page, enter your account email address and click on “ Get code ”, then you'll receive a verification code from the email you fill in, fill in the code you received and click “ Next " to re-set your password and re-enter the new password to log in successfully.